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The passing of Gerhard Heilig and Geoff Williams (Full Story)

This year, the City of Norwich Aviation Museum was saddened to hear of the passing of two Royal Air Force veterans who supported us over many years.

Gerhard Heilig

Gerhard arrived in England in England as a refugee from Nazi persecution in 1938.

After being educated in Yorkshire and working as a telephone engineer he joined the RAF and completed a tour of operations with 214 Squadron flying as a special operator in Boeing Fortress aircraft and then with the Lancasters of 101 Squadron operating from Ludford Magna.

His fluent German made him invaluable for the electronic counter measure role that both 214 Squadron and 101 Squadron undertook.

After leaving the RAF, Gerhard had a long career in civil aviation and was a pilot with Austrian Airlines until his retirement.

Gerhard passed away at his home in Austria in late October 2014.

The full story of Gerhard’s RAF career can be read in his own words on the 214 Squadron Association internet site at

Geoff Williams

Geoff served as a pilot flying Gloster Meteors from RAF Horsham St Faith (now Norwich international Airport) with 245 Squadron in the early 1950’s.

With the Horsham Wing he took part in the flypast over London for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Geoff became an engineering officer on the English Electric Lightning and retired from the RAF as a Squadron Leader.

The Eastern Daily Press obituary for Geoff can be found at

23rd December 2014 (Tuesday)
Goodbye to St. Faiths (Full Story)

Fifty years ago, RAF 12 Group Communications Flight, the last Royal Air Force unit to be based at RAF Horsham St Faith (now Norwich International Airport) was disbanded prior to the closure of the station. The last aircraft to leave was an Avro Anson of the Flight which took off on 29 April 1963 marking the end of RAF Horsham St Faith as a flying station of the Royal Air Force, although some of the airfield's facilities were used by other RAF units for the next few years.

12 Group was part of RAF Fighter Command from 1937-1963 and was the command for air defense of the midlands. It was renamed 12 (East Anglia) Sector in 1963 and disbanded in 1968. The Museum has one of the 12 Group Communications Flight hangar signs in its collection

The City of Norwich Aviation Museum is always keen to hear from any RAF veterans who were based at Horsham St Faith who can share their memories of serving here.

14th April 2013 (Sunday)
Visit by ex Air Anglia staff (Full Story)

We were pleased to welcome a group of ex Air Anglia staff to the Museum on Sunday 21 October 2012. They had gathered in Norwich for their regular reunion.

After guided tours of our Fokker F-27 Friendship and Handley Page Herald airliners, both types that were operated by Air Anglia from Norwich Airport, and viewing of our display of exhibits, there was time for some interesting talk over a cup of tea.

Air Anglia operated from 1970 to 1980, when the Norwich based airline was merged with other operators to form Air UK. The City of Norwich Aviation Museum holds as part of its Air Anglia collection photographs, time tables and various other artifacts. We are keen to add to this archive and welcome contact from anyone who can help us expand our collection.

Regular gatherings of former Air Anglia staff are held. We have contact details for the organisers of reunions, please email

21st October 2012 (Sunday)
Visit by Norfolk Military Vehicle Group (Full Story)

On Sunday July 1st we had a visit from the Norfolk Military Vehicle Group, who were on a road run in memory of three of their colleagues. Around 16 vehicles and 5 motorbikes arrived in convoy - quite an impressive sight!

Vehicles included 1940s staff cars, jeeps, a military police vehicle and a 1953 Korean War jeep.

1st July 2012 (Sunday)
More work on Harrier XW268 (Full Story)

Two members, Dan and Stuart, attempted to fit the front undercarriage leg to the Harrier today, but for various reasons this proved difficult.

They will try again soon.

Dan says then "the scene will be set to get the wheels and tyres on, outrigger legs on, and then the wings can go on." All sounds simple!

1st July 2012 (Sunday)
New aircraft exhibit arrives (Full Story)

Today saw the arrival of a new addition to our aircraft line-up.

Morane Saulnier 880B Rallye Club, registration number G-ASAT arrived today by road, from the Birmingham area.

Our aim, eventually, is to return it to the colours it wore during its time with the Norfolk And Norwich Aero Club way back in the 1960's

12th June 2012 (Tuesday)