The museum started out as an aviation enthusiasts group for members of the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company way back in 1977. The membership was later opened up to non employees and a temporary site was secured on the 17/35 runway at Norwich Airport.

In early 1982, museum exhibits included Avro Anson (TX228), Westland Whirlwind (XP355), Sea Vixen (XP919) and a Dassault Mystere IV (121). 1983 saw the arrival of our Vulcan bomber which flew in to the airport after its retirement from service.

By 1985 the museum had moved to its present site and an air fair held to help raise funds to expand the museum. At this time the Anson had gone (having been damaged beyond economical repair during gales) but Vampire (XD373) had arrived. 1986 saw another air fair on 14th September that saw attendance figures break the 20,000 barrier and another arrival, T-33 (16718).

Over the next few years, services were laid, the main exhibition hall erected and the arrival of more aircraft. Recently the museum has expanded its display areas, widened its public awareness campaign, and advertised itself globally through its website.

The future holds many obstacles for the museum but with a dedicated group of volunteers we hope to carry on expanding and provide a more comprehensive view of aviation in the area.

Here at the Museum we are committed to recording and preserving the history of aviation in Norfolk and the exhibits we display reflect that policy. We are a registered charity and a member of the ´British Aircraft Preservation Council´. The museum is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, and without these people our continued existence would be impossible.

If you like what you see on this site, and would like to support us, then please look at our Membership page. It is not an essential requirement of membership that you must do work here, or even visit; simply to join is to support.

As a volunteer organization, the 'City of Norwich Aviation Museum' is always looking for new members to help with the running and upkeep of the museum.

There are many tasks that need doing at the museum:-

  • Aircraft : Maintenance, repair, painting and assembly of aircraft.
  • Displays: Creating new displays, updating old ones, creating interactive displays.
  • Building: Keeping the buildings & grounds neat and in good repair.
  • History: Maintaining an up to date archive.
  • Visitors: Helping to run the museum, showing visitors in the Vulcan and Nimrod (when available), serving customers in our 'Friendship Tearoom'.
  • Publicity: Helping out on our fundraising stall, taking part in other events to publicise the museum.

And many more varied and challenging tasks.



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